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Employee Development

Strategic Planning

Course Length: 3 Hours
Course Format: In-Person/Virtual/Remote

In this course, students will develop an approach to formulate strategic programs and initiatives critical for effectively leading and managing a team. You will learn to prepare for the strategic
planning process, initiate the strategic planning process, develop a strategic plan and execute the plan.This course will improve your planning abilities and develop professional strategies for success within your team.

Upon completion of this course students shall be able to demonstrate skills based upon concepts from the following components:
-The importance of strategic planning process
-Identify strategies and solutions for solving common planning pitfalls
-Review your comprehensive Game Plan and Place in Motion
-Creating a strategic plan
-The six key aspects of strategic planning in a team environment:
-Structure and Customization of the process to meet the team’s needs
-Facilitating the process:
-Teams and teamwork
-Management and Leadership--from forging the vision to making the plan operational
-Organizational involvement-gaining involvement and commitment at all levels
-Information gathering and analysis--benchmarking, competitive analysis and other useful

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