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Employee Development

Delegating Essentials

Course Length: 1 Session
Course Format: Virtual and In-Person

Delegation is the practice of providing your team/employees the opportunity to learn new experiences and develop their career. In this course, leaders learn how to turn over tasks and/or authority. Many leaders and managers struggle with delegating due to a fear of losing control. However, managers can accomplish more and develop their employees' skills by learning to better delegate. This course explores the benefits and barriers to delegation. Shows the importance of authority and responsibility.

After completing this program, participants will be able to...
-Define delegation and examine its benefits to managers, employees, and the organization.
-Assess current delegation skills and experience.
-Utilize effective communication throughout the delegation process.
-Apply an eight-step process for delegation success.
-Incorporate the five levels of authority model when delegating.
-Practice delegation skills, using a checklist of delegation behaviors.
-Understand delegation resistance and develop appropriate strategies to overcome employee resistance

Lesson 1. Define delegation, explore benefits and assess experiences
Lesson 3. Leveraging the process through communication
Lesson 4. Enhancing the Delegation Process
Lesson 5. Integrate the 5 Levels of Authority Model
Lesson 6. Practice Skills With Checklist
Lesson 7. Overcome Resistance

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